Think long-term benefits, not the long queues!!

By: Bhavesh Bhatt
Hi, Good morning. I never been so vocal on any social media platform but yesterday I slept over our debate/ discussion over recent demonetization and currency crises in India.
I thought that whether the debate was on Congress or BJP or it was on a historic bold decision by our elected govt. I have a limited understanding about the factual data but I am sure that government would have plenty of it from its intelligence team. More than anyone from us.
Being a responsible authority, they would have considered all the consequences and side effects. There is a sense of irritation due to discomfort but surely would be for larger benefit. There is term in medicine called as a Risk-Benefit ratio...even medicines have side effects. I am sure that govt. Would have considered it.

I was lucky yesterday to take out some money after standing in 5 ATMs...but matter of the one in queue was cursing govt for this move.
I feel that..we should support the right decision for larger benefit irrespective of the govt. If. Congress had taken this decision, still I WOULD HAVE SUPPORTED IT. So it's not about Modi or Congress... It's about having faith in an elected PM and backing him for his decision.

If curbing the black money was so easy then any govt had done it earlier. I agree that this move would not stop wrong practices completely but would be a small step towards it...because long journeys starts with small steps. Have a nice Sunday.

Bhavesh Bhatt, A Mumbai based marketing professional  
Image Courtsey: Abhimanyu Sinha 

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