India's Daughter : A Logical View

1. Amazing to see the mindset of Jyoti's parents, their courage and their strength and Jyoti herself's determination to become a doctor and all the hard work she put in. Very inspiring! 

2. Prompt action by Delhi police, they caught all the rapists within 4 days of the crime even though one had fled to Bihar and filed charge sheet within 17 days. 

3. I wish the film was titled differently. India's Daughter was a title given to Jyoti when the incident happened 2 years ago but to make a film (if it is for the purpose of social change) with the same title is belittling every girl and woman in India. 

4. I wish the documentary had also shown the viewpoints of the prosecutor. To only show the defence lawyers statements somewhere created a bias.

5. I wish other Indian men had also been interviewed who do not think women are only to be subjugated to violence. There are a lot of men out there who stand up for women and some even having lost their lives in trying to protect women.

6. The documentary appears to give a view that ALL men in India think like Mukesh Singh or like the defense lawyers (the kind of weightage and focus given) whereas the documentary could have shown how all rapists across the world in other countries think alike. It's about a mind set of not seeing anything wrong with rape and not about just being a man. So one wonders what is the real purpose of the film?
But I must say the rapists have the 'right' lawyers defending them.

7. I wish the film also had an Indian historian giving a context to the issue rather than only have a British historian from Oxford.

8. The film does a great job in giving backgrounds and environments of the rapists and one gets an insight into what their childhood was like. Studies continually have shown how much childhood conditioning and experiences can play a role on how we grow to behave as adults.

9. I completely agree with Mukesh Singh (rapist) on one point and have said this before, if you give death penalty for rape, people will rape and kill the victim for fear of leaving any evidence so people will not only rape but will kill as well.

10. I am finding people appalled with the fact that the rapists are not showing any remorse. Well, if they did feel bad about it, they wouldn't have committed the crime in the first place. Which leads to the question that has been on my head since sometime now, does the criminal justice system act as a deterrent for sexual assault at all, does it change anything in the mindset of that individual even after being sentenced to death? If not, then don't we need to start thinking of an alternate response to such crimes?
Even after the Criminal Amendment by the Justice Verma committee, has gang rape, rape, molestation stopped?

11. Rape is about power. And always will be. Every time a man or a woman will feel powerless, helpless and won't know how to cope with it, they will inflict violence. Whether on children or on adults, physical or sexual abuse. Boys get abused too and raped as well. If it was just about gender, why would older boys/men abuse younger boys?

12. I feel empathetic towards the families of the rapists... and looking at them you just wonder, was it their upbringing or their extreme poverty, helplessness, frustration that grows children into adults who finally with little impulse control inflict violence on others.

13. If the ban on the movie has been imposed by the govt. because of some legal issues since the case is still being tried in the Supreme Court and the case might get affected then the ban makes sense. But if the ban is imposed because India will be shamed in the international community, well, that already happened two years ago and keeps happening every time there is a brutal gang rape. Please lets focus on what needs to be done to improve the situation.

14. I can't understand why the director/producer fled the country. What was she afraid of?
Overall, it's a time to celebrate the dialogue on the issue, and keep talking about it... the Govt. and NGOs need to work at the grass root level to see a change in attitudes and wait for a few decades. Yep, it'll take that much time.

By: Pooja Taparia
Pooja is a founder Chairman of Mumbai based NGO 'Arpan', dedicated in the field of child abuse.
FB link: Pooja Taparia

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